The  Story behind Charismatique

Charismatique started in March 2015 when Kirsty made a couple of personalised water bottles for her twin girls. After posting on her personal Facebook profile, she quickly realised that there were a lot of friends interested in purchasing similar bottles for their own children. Within weeks, Kirsty had created a business page and was taking orders from people from all over the local area. 
Due to a few mental health problems and a difficult break up from her marriage, Kirsty temporarily gave the business to a friend of hers, although it was only ever a small bit on the side of full time work.

Fast forwards to today and the business is now run by Kirsty and Aime. Both have a passion for growing the business and selling the best quality products.

Before the collaboration, Kirsty realised that the company name and logo was a bit boring. She wanted something fun, something bright and attractive but also elegant and stylish. A lot of brainstorming took place and Charismatique was decided upon. Now, both Kirsty and Aime are pushing Charismatique with old and new products to keep everyone on the edge of their seat.

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